• Moksha Menghaney

    Moksha Menghaney

    Quantitative Researcher, currently at Centre for Spatial Data Science, University of Chicago

  • Nancy Goede

    Nancy Goede

    Nancy Goede is the senior pastor of Augustana Lutheran Church of Hyde Park in Chicago.

  • Seosamh Havens

    Seosamh Havens

  • Kiri Carini

    Kiri Carini

    MS-GIST Student at UA.

  • Guigx


  • Susan Paykin

    Susan Paykin

    Research Manager at the Healthy Regions & Policies Lab at the University of Chicago Center for for Spatial Data Science.

  • Fletcher Berryman

    Fletcher Berryman

    Geographer, Data Nerd, Californian New Yorker. www.fletch.nyc

  • Asghar Rahmani

    Asghar Rahmani

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